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Cheeku and Meeku are having fun at Gujju's birthday party. They accidentally met a cat who wants to eat Meeku as usual. Meeku has to think quick in order to save himself. Read to find out more.

You will need: • Vegetables (a Potato, a Lady’s Finger, a Carrot, some Coriander• Knife • Glue • Acrylic Paints • Paper

Cut and Colour Cut the vegetables in half and paint over the exposed portion. You are ready to Potato paint!


1. Take a sheet of paper and divide it to two equal parts. Leave room for a small flap.



2. Fold the ‘A’ to ‘C’ along ‘B’ like shown in the image.



3. Glue the left and right edges. Don’t apply glue on the flap.



4. Shape the flap like shown in the image.



Your envelope is ready. Use the vegetables to create colourful patterns on the cover.